We are artisan coffee micro-roastery

We love good healthy coffee just as you 

We support direct to farmer co-operation 

We roast it with love, for your happiness

Coffnature Micro Roaster

The story of our coffee

Located in Chiang Rai, the northern most part of Thailand, Coffnature is a team dedicated to the dark art of coffee-roasting. Years ago, we decided to base our operations close to the highlands of Doi Chang, Doi Pha Hii and Phang Khon, because of the proximity to the many high-grade coffee plantations here.

Our roasting skills have been honed from close to ten years of barista and coffee grading training. From the roasting techniques to the selection and blending of different coffee profiles and origins, we take great care to ensure that each micro lot batch of coffee beans lives up to the high standards set by our team. After all, we are coffee lovers too. 

Check out our online shop and Facebook page to find out more about how you can support local Thai farmers as you enjoy your cuppa every morning.

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